Welcome to our Music Page

Year 3 Ukulele

Year 3 have been learning to play the Ukulele since September and have quite a large repertoire of songs. They have learnt different chords to play along with familiar songs and can also follow simple notation to play different rhythms.


Ukulele Concert coming soon.................

Year 5 Guitars

Year 5 have also had the opportunity this year to extend their musical ability by learning to play the Guitar.

They can play a range of different notes and are now beginning to play familiar pieces of music.

We aim high in Year 5 with our music and children should practise their guitar 3x weekly to maintain a good level of playing.

World Environment Day

On World Environment Day we all learnt an environment song click on them below to listen to them:

Africa Year 5

Bee song

Pollution song

Rainforest song

Reception song

Reception song 2

Reception song 3

Recycle Song

Recycle song 2

River song

Worm song

Year 1 song


Below are pictures of our last Eisteddfod Competiton please take a look: