Welcome to FS2's Class Page

Class Teachers - Mrs Gordon, Mrs Steele & Mrs Caudwell

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Welcome to our FS2 class page! We have been incredibly busy this first half term and would like to share with you just some of the exciting activities we have been doing inside and outside of the classroom. We have been busy doing adult led activities and also directing our own learning doing child initiated activities. Our teachers and teaching assistants have supported us and challenged us to help us be the best that we can be. Mrs Gordon, Mrs Steele, Mrs Caudwell and all our wonderful teaching assistants are very proud of our achievements. . 

We love Welly Walk Wednesday and we are sure the children do too! We have great fun exploring our environment and it gives us lots of opportunities to share our thoughts and ideas. This half term we have been searching for creatures in the woods, spotting signs of Autumn and picking and tasting blackberries....just to name a few!! 

Lovely Autumn leaf fun! We enjoyed jumping and laying in the leaves, moving like Autumn leaves and sycamore spinners and collecting Autumn leaf bouquets! Some of us decided to mark make using sticks in the mud-what a super idea!

We are enjoying having pumpkin fun at school this week, we will continue our pumpkin activities in provison until the end of this half term. We have been using everyday language of size and weight to compare, using one handed tools to take out the pumpkin seeds and using magnifying glasses to explore the insides of a pumpkin as well as talking about what we can see. Mrs Gordon brought us lots of exciting pumpkins from Farmer Copleys to look at! 

This week, we had a Bonfire Night themed morning completing lots of exciting activities. We did firework counting, made models of rockets linking to 3d shapes, made firework marble pictures outdoors and made 2d shape firework pictures on black card. We then each made an edible sparkler to take home and eat. How EXCITING! Watch this space for our DIWALI photos.....