Welcome to Year 2's Class Page

Class Teachers - Miss Broomhead & Mrs Jenkins

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RSPB Old Moor

We had a fantastic day on our recent trip.

Puppet making

We had a wonderful afternoon making puppets and some mummies, daddies and grandparents came to help- thank you!

Busy Bakers

We have been very busy baking for the key stage one Bakeathon!

Book Week

We had a brilliant time during book week. We made a 'book in a box' of our favourite book, we had book buddies where older children came to read to us, we dressed up for World Book Day, we signed up for a story to be read to us and we did lots of work looking at books in class!

Florence Nightingale

On Friday 10th February we had a special visitor... Florence Nightingale! She told us all about her life and the wonderful work she did. It was a fantastic start to our new history topic.


In Science we have enjoyed finding out about ourselves and have been measuring our feet and height! We have also been building animal homes!


We have had a lovely time preparing for Christmas! We have been busy making lovely things to take home, we have had our Christmas Concert (which was fabulous) and we have had our Christmas parties! We have more Christmas activities planned this week but this is Christmas so far...

Children in Need

We had a brilliant time dressing up in spots for Children in Need. We looked super!

Diva lamps!

As part of our Divali topic we made brilliant Divali lamps.


 On Monday 7th November we were extremely lucky as we had a fencing coach in school! We had a brilliant time.

Science- Changing State

We have had lots of fun with our practical activities to learn about changing state in Science!

We have been working so hard this half term and have done lots and lots of work! Each Friday we are rewarded for our hard work with our golden time session. You can see us enjoying ourselves in the photos below as well as some of the work we have been doing. More photos will be added this week so watch this space!


Our PE days are Mondays and Thursdays. Please can you ensure your child has their kit in school on these days and that if they have long hair it is tied up and any earrings are removed or covered with plasters. Thank you!

Reading Packets

We send these home on Friday could you please make sure they are returned to school by Monday as they are needed for our reading and phonics sessions. Thank you.

Library Packets

We got to the library every Friday so could you make sure your child brings their library packet to school on Fridays.

Year 2 Common Exception Words

Part of the Year 2 curriculum is to be able to read and write the common exception words for our year group. When you get chance at home you could practise these words with your child. We have put both the Year 1 and Year 2 words here for you to look at.

Year 1

the , a, do, to, today, of, said, says, are, were, was, is, his, has, I, you, your, they, be, he, me, she, we, no, go, so, by, my, here, there, where, love, come, some, one, once, ask, friend, school, put, push, pull, full, house, our.


Year 2

door, floor, poor, because, find, kind, mind, behind, child, children, wild, climb, most, only, both, old, cold, gold, hold, told, every, great, break, steak, pretty, beautiful, after, fast, last, past, father, class, grass, pass, plant, path, bath, hour, move, prove, improve, sure, sugar, eye, could, would, who, whole, any, many, clothes, busy, people, water, again, half, money, Mr, Mrs, parents, Christmas, everybody, even.