Welcome to Year 2's Class Page

Welcome to Year Two!

Class Teacher - Mrs Harding

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General class information


Reading packets : sent home on Thursday and returned by the following Monday.

Homework folders: sent home every Monday to be returned by Friday each week.

Library packets: sent home every Tuesday.

P.E. kit needed every Wednesday and Friday. (ear-rings taken out please or taped up. Thank you)

Wellies are needed most Fridays.

 Thank you!


What a super Forest Friday we have had this afternoon! We all changed into our wellies and went outside to explore the changing seasons (Science). We had to find different types of berries and then find one that we could squash and eat. Just look at our purple tongues! We are going to use some of the blackberries and apples that we picked from our school grounds to make 'Gruffalo crumble' next week - yummy!



Tim and Tom are really important characters at Barugh Green Primary School and in Year 2 it is really important that we all help each other and work together as a team - Mrs Harding's heroes! We worked in pairs for our science work this week. Well done Year Two!

Can you remember those blackberries we picked? Well, we used them all to make Gruffalo crumble. We all had a turn but the best bit was the tasting at the end! Nearly everyone thought it was "yummy"!

Look at 'Our tree'. Over the year we will be observing our tree for changes as the seasons pass. As it is nearly Autumn we found lots of sycamore keys and had fun spinning and chasing them. See if you can see other signs of Autumn.

Our tree in September.

Our tree in October.

Our tree in November.

Our tree in December

Our tree in January

Our tree in February

Our tree in March

Our tree in April

Our tree in May



Guess who lives in Gruffalo woods? Can you find any characters?

Looking for signs of Autumn. Look at our Autumn treasures.

Year 2 had a wonderfully creative time at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. An artist met us and we looked at some of the different sculptures around the park, their materials and what they made us think of. Can you see any sculptures by Barbara Hepworth? She is an artist that we are learning about. All the children want to go back and explore even more!

Children In Need day - we  did  a  Pudsey  Bear hunt in  our  woods and  had  fun  with  everyone  outside, raising  money  for  Pudsey  to  give  to   children  not  as  lucky  as  us.

Winter  has  arrived,  we  found  some  frosty  leaves  and  long  shadows!

Look  at  the  fun  we  had  making  our  Christmas  crafts, reindeer food, meeting  Santa and celebrating together.

Here  we  are   making  clay  robins,  come  and  see  the  finished  product in  the  classroom  now  they  are  painted  and  varnished. We  will be  taking  part  in  the   R.S.P.B. Big  Bird  Watch soon.

Our Muticultural Day - South Africa was  our  country and  we really had  a super  day learning  songs, more about  the people,  where  the  country  is  in  the  world within  the  continent of  Africa and  making  the  flag.  We  also   were  fascinated  to  learn  about  the  life  of  Nelson  Mandela.

We met a real life time traveller today - Florence  Nightingale! She came to tell us all about her amazing life and how she changed Nursing. Please ask your child to tell you some of the fascinating facts that  Florence told us.

Just look at all the fun we had when it snowed! Keep watching and you might see African drumming and hot chocolate making too!

Also, can you see how much  water makes a cupful of snow?

Wheels Day was SO much fun!

Tommy the tortoise came to visit as we are learning about Hot places and then we had an exciting day when some Super Scientists came to teach us about electricity and circuits!

We all had a wonderful day on our trip to Old Moor, RSPB. We identified lots of different plant and pond creatures. We learnt about different habitats for a variety of animals, food chains (right before our eyes!) and had lots of outdoor fun! All the children would love to go back in the Summer holidays because there was so much more to see and do!