Welcome to Year 2's Class Page

Welcome to Year Two!

Class Teacher - Mrs Harding

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Reading packets : sent home on Thursday and returned by the following Monday.

Homework folders: sent home every Monday to be returned by Friday each week.

Library packets: sent home every Tuesday.

P.E. kit needed every Monday and Friday. (ear-rings taken out please or taped up. Thank you)

Wellies are needed most Fridays.

 Thank you!


RSPB Old Moor

We had a fantastic day on our recent trip!

We love Forest Friday! We will be doing lots of our science outside this year and observing seasonal change right before our eyes! As your child to show you our Class Tree!  All of us went blackberry picking and we all managed to taste one (some of the childrens' faces were a picture). Rosa kindly brought us some of the apples from her tree and Mrs Gamwell knew someone who could make Gruffalo crumble. Yummy!

Look who we found outside? Superworm! What number or letter is he going to make next?


Have you noticed what has happened to our Class Tree?


We had a lot of fun on our Snowy day! We managed to make snowmen and snow creatures before it had all melted by the afternoon!


Mrs  Wolff organised a fencing instructor to come in and give us a first taste of the sport. We LOVED it! Thank you Mrs Wolff!

We had a very special visitor on Friday to support our work about Remembrance. She came to tell us all about what it means to be a soldier today and more about Armistice Day. The children learned to salute in three different ways - each Armed force has a different way - and the meaning of the 'Last Post'. We shared our history work and wore our hand made poppies and wreaths with pride!

Well done to our brilliant Multi Skill winning team at Penistone Grammar school. Thank you to everyone for taking part. There will be more events for you later in the school year.


Goodness me, what a lot of spotty children! However, you weren't sent home because you were ill were you? Pudsey bear was really grateful for your donations and he will be able to help lots of children not so lucky as you! Thank you everyone.


We enjoyed dressing up as elves this morning and practising our Christmas concert.

Mrs Harding was very proud of us all and we had a special mention for good singing from Mr Gilmore! Thank you to all parents for your support in providing the lovely costumes.



What a busy few weeks! I was SO proud of the children during our Christmas concerts; they sang so well and behaved beautifully. Thank you boys and girls. We have been very busy making lots of special Christmas crafts that I hope you will treasure. Our party afternoon was full of hat making, singing, dancing, Pass the Parcel, film watching, buns , juice and even a visit from Santa! Lucky children!

Do you like our Christmas jumpers? Our other Year 2 class  joined us for some film fun and story time.

Happy New Year everybody! We have a very busy few months ahead of us Year 2 but I know that you will keep trying to ' be the best that you can be' !

We have lots to look forward to this term including some lovely topics, an opportunity to perform our very own Opera on the stage at the Civic in Barnsley and even a visit from a famous person from the past!


Remember to look at our new topic letter for the term to see exciting things we will be learning this term!

A huge thank you to everyone for bringing in all your empty milk containers. Did you know that a skilled Inuit takes one hour to build an igloo but 5 weeks later and a few hundred containers ...we have our first Barugh Green igloo! Come in our classroom and have a look! Thank you Mrs Turner, you and the children have done a wonderful job, even though it has ended up slightly larger than originally planned!

We had a very important visitor from the past who came to tell us all about her life. Can you guess from our photographs who it is?

What an amazing experience we had performing our opera at the Civic theatre in Barnsley in front of a very important audience! From the minute the children excitedly arrived straight from school they were all enthralled by the lights, professional cast members, fabulous backdrop and props,wonderful dancers, talented musicians and actually being directed on  a real stage for themselves! The dress rehearsal went really well and it was fantastic for the children to be part of a such a professional production. A huge thank you to Helen Madden and her wonderful team for letting us be part of this unique experience. We only had a few weekly hourly sessions then suddenly it was time for the real thing. Thank you everyone and children - we are SO very proud of you all!


Book in a box, book buddies, book making, book sharing, book character dressing up, bookmark making and much more! We love books!

What brilliant bakers you are! Thank you for your wonderful cakes, you were all so creative!

Look at us wearing our red clothes and red noses for Comic Relief Day 2017!

We are looking forward to a lovely Summer term with lots of outdoor experiences - weather permitting! We will be working on our 'special jobs' (little quizzes) in Literacy and Maths throughout May as part of our normal classroom practice. Any concerns, please just pop in.