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Class Teacher - Miss Hirst

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Bring Your Wheels! 

WOW! What an absolutely super afternoon we have had out and about on our wheels! We have been so inspired by the Tour De Yorkshire and we have had such fun this afternoon. We have ridden around a course, learnt how to mount and dismount in different ways as well as competing in a slow race! Thank you Mrs Wolff for showing us all of your amazing bikes! Well done everyone! 

Roman Mosaic Tiles

We have had so much fun learning about the Romans! They were so clever! They made special mosaic patterns on the floor of their homes. We created some of our own! What fantastic symmetrical patterns you all created! Let's just say that doing a mosaic pattern on entire floor would not have been a quick job! Phew! 


Wow! Look at all of our wonderful buns and cakes! They all looked SO yummy!

Book Buddies

Today we paired up with Year 6 to read to a 'buddy'. We really enjoyed reading to the older children! Please look on Year 6's class page to see more photographs of us sharing our reading! 

5 Fabulous Reasons to Read

WOW, wow, wow! I have been so impressed with all of your AMAZING posters that you made for your homework this week! We all really enjoyed sharing our '5 Fabulous Reasons to Read', some of my favourites were 'It relaxes me before bed', 'You can share it with friends and family' and 'You can get lost in a book' - I definitely agree with this one! 


Roman Visitor

Wow! What a wonderful day we have had with our Roman visitor. We learnt all about how to become a Roman by: marching in a Roman formation, fighting with a sword, making a kit ready to travel away from home, learning how to read and write Roman numerals, dressing as a Roman and much, much more! 

Jenny from the History Van was very impressed with how well everybody behaved and how keen they all were to learn lots of new things - well done Year 3! 


We all really enjoyed our pancakes to celebrate Shrove Tuesday that is in the half term holidays (13th February). Thank you for helping us to raise funds for our school. 

Multicultural Day

What a wonderful Multicultural Day we have had! We learnt so much about Italy! We even managed to try some Mediterranean bread and oils, tiramisu, and mozzarella cheese! We loved celebrating with the rest of the school at the end of the day and we learnt about other cultures too! 

Christmas Party

 We all had so much fun during our Christmas party and everybody looked fantastic in their party clothes! We played lots of games but I think our favourite was... “Don’t Eat Rudolph’s Nose!”. We even had a special visit from Santa  in our classroom but he couldn’t stay too long as he is very busy at this time of year! We also had a visit from an Elf who looked scarily like Mr Grist... how strange!!!! 

A HUGE Thank You!! 

Wow! Thank you so very much Year 3 for your donations towards our ‘Candycane Heart’ project for the upcoming Christmas Fayre. Mrs Coates, Mrs Wolff and I are absolutely delighted with all of your contributions. We think they will look fantastic once you all add some sprinkles and decoration to them, ready to sell on a stall at the Christmas Fayre on Friday. Come and buy our yummy treats! Thank you again, you are so kind and generous.

Children in Need Ramble

Year 3 has such fun on our afternoons ramble for Children in Need. We loved walking together and whilst on our ramble we collected lots of natural materials. From there we worked in teams to create some fantastic pieces of artwork! Well done everybody and thank you to all that donated. 

Chicken Pie Making!

We had so much fun making chicken pies! Look at how delicious they look! I bet they were yummy, I know mine was! 

*more photos to follow*


Wow! What a fantastic day we have had a Magna! We were able to do lots of exploring around the museum where we were able to find out so much about our Earth. We loved investigating with all of the hands on equipment in the Earth, Air, Fire and Water Pavilions. We particularly enjoyed exploring the water pavilion where we were able to make waves (and plenty or splashes!). We had fun during the volcano workshop where we made our own volcano... that erupted 3 times! What a brilliant day, well done year 3! 



This afternoon we had the opportunity to work with a tennis coach from Barnsley Tennis Club. We learnt so many skills such as serving, returning and some of us even managed to have a rally with the coach! How lucky are we?