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Class Teacher - Mrs Crossland

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Summer Term Spellings:- Red & Blue Group 

                           Yellow Group

Strings Concert

Today we had our strings concert. You all performed brilliantly, well done! 

We have recently competed in a Barnsley Orienteering event at Cannon Hall. Team Activ organised the event for several schools to compete against each other. It was a beautiful sunny day which made it thirsty work! We are still awaiting the results to see if any of our Y5 teams have won.

Natural Art

We have created collages using materials from the environment. In groups, we went in the woods and gathered a variety of things then went back into our classroom to create our masterpieces! 

Here is our finished Viking Settlement.

Y5 this is great, well done! 

We have used so many skills whilst making our Viking Longhouses. Our classroom looked like a stable for days with all the hay and straw on the floor.

Our finished products were fantastic. 

Well done Y5 you are so creative and clever. Everybody in school has complemented your structures.

Bikeability Videos 

We had to try and ride our bikes as slowly as possible to show off our balance and control.

Bikeability Training

Today we started our Bikeability course to help us stay safe when riding our bikes. We all did so well. Tomorrow we will be learning to cycle safely on the road using all the skills we have learnt so far.

Y5 can you tell a grown up about the 'm' check before setting off?

Remember to always wear a helmet and get 'pedal ready' before you ride.

Wearing red for Comic Relief Day...thank you for your donations Y5.

We enjoyed having some fun in the sunshine with our Comic Relief balloons. There were lots of giggles! 

Rowing the longship through choppy seas.

What an exciting day we've had! We were lucky to have a 'Visiting Viking' today.

We were sold as thralls at The Thing; built a long ship; dressed as soldiers; fought the monks and stole their silver; made butter ;and used urine (water really) to dye linen. Mrs Crossland sold us all for 30 pieces of silver and some clothes to keep her warm! 

Well done Y5 for being so well behaved and having such fantastic costumes.

It's not every day you get invited to go to the Cooper Art Gallery in Barnsley town centre but you two did with your winning poems for the 'Hear my Voice' competition. I couldn't believe it when I heard that you had won. First and second place...I'm so proud of you! 

I bet you can't wait to spend your £50 Amazon voucher and use you Kindle. What an achievement!

World Book Day celebrations went down well today!

We enjoyed coming to school as our favourite character...can you guess who we are?

I was very impressed with your knowledge of authors, book characters and titles Y5. You could name so many and did a really good job of the solving the book title acronyms.

What a fabulous day we've had.

'The more that you read, the more things you'll know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.'

Who is this quote from Y5? 


We have thoroughly enjoyed having a 'book buddies' session this afternoon with Y2. We shared some of the reading and were super impressed with how good the Y2's were.

Thank you Mrs Harding's children, we had a great time with you. 

What a great way to start Book Week! Some of us have been busy creating a 'book in a box' scene over half term. Can you work out which books we have chosen from our brilliant scenes. 

Well done Y5, these are amazing!

We will display them in the entrance hall for you to show your parents on parents' evening.

Darton College held an Art and Poetry exhibition showing work from local primary schools. Some of our work was selected and we were chosen to share our 'Coming Home' poems with the audience. We were incredibly brave! Well Done...you were brilliant! 

Just look at our super baking...we baked some super valentine treats for our KS2 Bakeathon. We raised over £340 for school selling the yummy buns and biscuits to the whole school. We used lots of our life skills too. What a great day we had! Thank you for supporting us.

Bookfair Rewards

We are looking forward to being able to read our new books which we have been lucky enough to get using our Scholastic Reward Points.

Thank you to everybody who comes to buy books from our book fairs, it helps us to buy new books for each class. Our next one is coming soon! 

Fencing Fun

Fencing was great! We had the opportunity to wear the proper kit...can you guess who is who? 

Inspired by Michael Morpurgo - Coming Home Poetry 

We received our free copy of the book Coming Home written by Michael Morpurgo and have created some fantastic watercolour artwork as well as writing poems from the robin's point of view of the journey. We compared the story to the Christmas advert for Waitrose. 

Christmas Jumper Day

We looked very festive in our Christmas jumpers and enjoyed Christmas dinner too.

Christmas Party Fun

We had so much fun at our Christmas Party. We even had a visit from Father Christmas.

For Children in Need Day our School Council voted for a non-uniform day. We all donated £1 to send to the charity and enjoyed coming to school in our own spotty clothes.

Today, we have been using our creative skills to paint our Hoplite Greek shields. Wait until you see the finished product...they are stunning!

We have been using our inquiry skills in literacy and history. We've used reading books to learn about different myths as well as iPads to find out about Greek gods and goddesses. We worked really well together in groups. 

In Maths we have been learning how to plot and read co-ordinates. We played battleships in pairs using one quadrant to begin with then four quadrants using negative numbers. There were plenty of sunken battleships.

We have been looking at different styles of poetry in our literacy lesson. For our homework we answered questions about a poem called Firework Night by Enid Blyton. We also looked at a version of the poem The Gunpowder Plot. We were set the challenge of learning the poem to recite to an audience...didn't we do well! KS2 were impressed with our communication skills during assembly. 

We have had a great day training to be Playground Leaders. We had to apply to become a leader. We were so proud when we knew who had been chosen. In the morning, Mrs Wolff (our PE teacher) worked with us to help us with ideas and games. In the afternoon we played some of games with Y1; they loved the games that we played.

We can't wait to start our new job next week in the KS1 and KS2 playgrounds. 

Today we have been caring, communicated, been open minded, principled, reflective and thinkers. 

We have enjoyed baking spider buns in preparation for Halloween. We used plenty of skills whilst baking: communication, maths, health and safety and reading however our favourite part was getting to eat our bun!

In Literacy we have been comparing poems and looking at the style of how they're written. We have worked in pairs to discuss the features. Next week we are writing our poems. We were good communicators.

We visited the EIS  Sheffield for the day and had the opportunity to try some different sports.

We used several life skills during the day: communication, principled, refelective, risk taker and thinker.

What a great  day we had! 

We have been busy sorting materials and learning about their properties in science. We have become knowledgable about materials and how to sort them. We communicated with each other when we worked in g

In literacy we have been reading The BFG. We had lots of questions to ask Sophie and the BFG in our hot-seating activity. Y2 came to meet the characters and ask questions too.

this was a good opportunity to use a variety of life skills: communication, inquirer, open-minded and thinker.