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In our science lessons we have been learning about teeth and their functions. We've looked at our own teeth and labelled a diagram. Today we did a practical science session to see how our teeth work. 

We used scissors for incisors which cut food, forks for our canines which tear food and rolling pins for our molars which grind food. We had jelly babies, apple, mint imperials and biscuits to see if we agreed with the functions of our teeth. Afterwards we enjoyed a biscuit and tried eating with our different teeth to see which was the easiest. We all agreed that it was better to use our incisors to bite then our molars to grind and crush the biscuit before we swallowed it. 

Roald Dahl Day 13th September 2017

We used our ICT skills to research interesting facts about Roald Dahl.

We were surprised to find out that he had been a fighter pilot when he was younger as well as inventing a medical device which helped to save his son's life.