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Class Teacher - Mrs Crossland

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Children In Need

Our School Council suggested that we had a ‘ramble’ in our school grounds. We joined the other class of Y4 and the Y2’s and had a great time searching for the Pudsey and Plush clues. 

Thank you to everyone who donated £1 towards a great cause.

The Iron Man 

Our Iron Man display is complete! We have had so many compliments about our super work and models. Some of our Iron Man models are dotted around school, see if you can spot them.

Music Matters

Mrs Jones, our music specialist, asked us to put the pictures of Ludwig Van Beethoven in chronological order as we have been learning about several composers. We were quite surprised with his age on some of the pictures.

Gross Science 

Seen as we are learning about digestion in science, we tried to show what happens to food using everyday objects.

First we used scissors as teeth to bite the banana and the crackers. We pushed it around with our finger like the action of our tongue whilst we added some water like the saliva.

Next we added orange juice (the acid) after putting the food into a sealed bag (like our stomach) and passed it around squishing the food up.

Following that we tipped the squished up food through the leg of a pair of tights (the intestines). The liquid that came out was left in the tray as if it was being absorbed by the body. 

Finally we squeezed the leftover food out through a hole in a cup. This was the waste.

Some of us loved getting involved whereas others thought it was GROSS! 

The Iron Man

Well there was a buzz in our classroom today...we have designed and created models of an Iron Man for our homework. We have nearly finished reading the story by Ted Hughes in our literacy lessons. We enjoyed bringing the story to life with our very own Iron Man models. 

Year 4 these are amazing, well done! 

Super Scientists

We have been learning about the digestive system in science. We have learnt lots of new facts about the organs in our bodies and their functions. 

We worked together in pairs to match the function to the organ.

Posters about how to keep our teeth healthy

Here are our posters about how to have healthy teeth. 

We know we must brush our teeth twice a day, visit the dentist regularly, eat healthy food and drink water rather than sugary drinks.

Two girls in our class have even set up their own investigation at home. They have used milk, lemonade and dilute blackcurrant. There were surprises here too. Mr Gilmore wondered what effect the blackcurrant would have...we think he might stick to drinking water after seeing these results! 

Science Investigation

 We have set up an investigation in our class to see which liquid does the most damage to our teeth. We have used boiled eggs and observed the changes over several days. The eggshell was like the enamel on our teeth. We know that enamel is thicker on our teeth but we couldn't believe the results. We have used water, apple juice, orange juice and cola. We left one egg in an empty jar as the control so we could see how the egg shell had changed. 

We have used lots of scientific skills: predicting, fair testing, observing, writing a method of how to do the investigation then a conclusion to sum up our findings. 

Have a look at one of our results sheets below.

We definitely agree that water was the best choice.


In our science lessons we have been learning about teeth and their functions. We've looked at our own teeth and labelled a diagram. Today we did a practical science session to see how our teeth work. 

We used scissors for incisors which cut food, forks for our canines which tear food and rolling pins for our molars which grind food. We had jelly babies, apple, mint imperials and biscuits to see if we agreed with the functions of our teeth. Afterwards we enjoyed a biscuit and tried eating with our different teeth to see which was the easiest. We all agreed that it was better to use our incisors to bite then our molars to grind and crush the biscuit before we swallowed it. 

Roald Dahl Day 13th September 2017

We used our ICT skills to research interesting facts about Roald Dahl.

We were surprised to find out that he had been a fighter pilot when he was younger as well as inventing a medical device which helped to save his son's life.