Sports Premium

Most schools with primary age pupils receive the PE and Sport premium based on the number of pupils in year 1-6. Schools must use the finding to make additional and sustainable improvements to the quality of PE and sport they offer. 

For 2016/17 we will receive £9,380 Because PE is seen as a high priority at Barugh Green our expenditure will always exceed that amount. For 2016/17 we have allocated £30,000, which is similar to what we spent in 2015/16. This money funds the following:

  • PE specialist teacher
  • Lunch time PE leader
  • Part time sports coach
  • Professional development for teachers, sports coach and lunchtime supervisor through INSET, working with the PE co-ordinator and attending external courses
  • Team Activ subscription to all competitions, advice and some training
  • Subsidies for some sports clubs
  • Subsidies for  some family sports evenings
  • Subsidies for sports trips, competitions and transport including Year 6 Headingley Stadium Visit, KS2 cross country and orienteering, Y5 and Y6 Triathlon and Y1 & 2 Dorothy Hyman Stadium visit.
  • Medals and trophies
  • Playground leader training for Year 5 pupils
  • Equipment and resources for curriculum, extra curricular activities, competitions, playtimes and lunchtimes.  

This funding allows children who would potentially not access such events the opportunity to do so. In particular the subsidies for sports clubs and family sports evenings.


The Impact of Sports Funding at Barugh Green

Primary PE and Sports Premium has:

  • Increased attendance
  • Helped to maintain and improve high academic standards and results (whilst we recognise this is very difficult to measure we believe physical education has a positive impact).
  • Helped to improve and maintain high standards of behaviour and application.
  • 100% of children (Year 1-6) have represented our school at an inter school competition and many have progressed to the school games.
  • Increased participation in extra-curricular sports clubs - 64 % of all our children (Y1-6) accessed a sports club in academic year 2016-2017.
  • Teachers have increased confidence, knowledge and skills, particularly athletics and fundamentals after undertaking training.
  • Enabled us to offer a broader range of sports and buy new equipment to introduce lacrosse in key stage 2.
  • Improved our active lunchtime and playtime initiatives by providing funding for our lunchtime supervisor, providing funding to train 30 Year 5 playground leaders and funding new equipment such a pogo sticks and tennis rackets.
  • Enabled us to encourage families to be active together (over 160 children and adults) from Barugh Green to access our family sports events.


It is important that the improvements schools make to the quality of PE and sport as a result of the funding are sustainable. We ensure the improvements made are sustainable as teachers, our sports coach and lunchtime supervisor have been upskilled through training for long lasting impact.  The curriculum has been developed and addresses the needs of all children through a broad and balanced PE programme. The resources we have been able to purchase through the funding allows access the new and current areas of activity.