School Council


Each KS2 class had voted for their favourite idea for Children in Need. The school councillors made a list of the suggestions and did a vote - the winning idea was pyjamas.

See you all in your pyjamas on Friday 16th November! (Remember to bring a £1 for Children in Need.)


We discussed ideas for Children in Need. Classes will vote on their favourite suggestion and we will decide what we are doing at our next meeting.


 We decided that we would have a folder for each class. We will be given our badges before the next meeting. We will ask our class for one suggestion that they would like to make and bring it to the next meeting.



Meet our school councillors for 2018/2019...

Thank you to our 2017 / 2018 school councillors...

In June we have looked at KS2 children pairing up with a KS1 buddy in our school council meeting. We have also changed the suggestion box to a musical suggestions box. Please think of ideas to do with the buddy pairs. Thank you

The Y5 school councillors


We have filmed our mannequin challenge in school today. We will show it to the children as soon as it is ready.


This month our school councillors have been asking children across school about dinnertimes. We had lots of positive feedback and some great ideas about how we could make dinnertimes even better. We will be passing all of the comments onto Mr. Gilmore so watch this space.

Recent Projects

In January, we held a school councillors surgery at lunchtime. Lots of suggestions were made, including a mannequin challenge for the whole school. We are looking into this, and hopefully we will be organising something soon.

In December we held a school Christmas Jumper Day. Everyone looked amazing.

In November we organised a ramble around school to raise money for school fund and Children in Need. We had a great afternoon and managed to raise £181.00 for school as well as £181.50 for Children in Need.

In October all of our school councillors were given badges so they are easy to spot around school.



Projects from 2016/2017



Monday 14th November

On Monday 14th November, school council went  on a trip to the Town Hall to meet the mayor (Mrs Burgess)  and she told us about her life as a mayor. School council got to see the council chambers and the mayor's office. She taught the school council a little bit about being a councillor. We had a fantastic morning!

Jade and Grace


Monday 12th September

Last year, after receiving letters from our school council, Tesco and the Co-op kindly donated vouchers which the children were able to spend on cooking equipment for the craft area. They were able to buy an electric grill, blenders, a new kettle, plastic plates, cups and utensils. Well done School Council and thank you to the Co-op and Tesco!


Speaker’s School Council Awards

Last year, the school council entered the Speaker’s School Council Awards along with over 700 other schools. This is an award in recognition of a project that has helped to make a difference to school.  

The children in each class designed a garden and then voted for their favourite. Winning designs were planted in the garden boxes in front of the mobile. We are very grateful to all parents and grandparents who so generously sent in plants and gave us the benefit of their gardening know-how.

We were very pleased to receive this letter from John Berco, Speaker of the House of Commons, this week.

We are delighted to inform you that Barugh Green Primary School’s school council has been selected as a runner-up in the 7 -11 years category for the 2014 Speaker’s School Council Awards. The judges were really impressed by your project Operation Plant Project and would like to congratulate all your students who were involved with the delivery of this amazing project.

To celebrate your council’s achievement your school will receive a special engraved plaque, certificate and digital badge which we have attached in this email; you will be able to use the digital badge on your school website. We will endeavour to arrange for your Member of Parliament to visit Barugh Green Primary School in order present these prizes directly to your school council.

On behalf of the Speaker of the House of Commons, the Rt. Hon John Bercow and the Speaker’s School Council Awards team we would really like to thank you and your school council for taking part in the competition and taking the time to tell us about all the hard work that has gone into making your project great. We wish you every success with your future projects and we look forward to hearing about them for next year’s competition!

The area looks stunning and will continue to develop as the summer continues. So, no need to go to Chelsea!