Character Education

Character Education is an umbrella term used to bring together all the different areas covered at Barugh Green to ensure our pupils become well mannered, independent children who take responsibility for their own actions, have good morals and become active members of society. This umbrella brings together the different areas in which we can promote these skills in school: SMSC (social, moral, spiritual and cultural education), British Values, Enterprise, Life Skills and PSHCE (personal, social, health and citizenship education).

At Barugh Green we believe character education is of high importance as it allows children to become well-mannered, healthy and successful members of society.  Throughout school, in all year groups, children are consistently introduced to new areas which feed into Character Education and this is developed as children progress through school.  

In foundation stage and KS1, children are taught different enterprise skills and are encouraged to identify when themselves or another child is demonstrating any of the skills leading to a reward (please see Enterprise tab below).

This then progresses onto Life Skills in KS2 which builds on skills learnt in KS1 using more sophisticated vocabulary and looking at the skills in more detail.  Examples of the demonstration of these are shown in Life Skill Booklets (please see Life Skills tab below).

SMSC is redeemed of high importance at Barugh Green and is embedded in all children as they move through the school (please see SMSC tab below).  This then develops into British Values at KS2 where children begin to understand SMSC at a deeper level (please see British Values tab below). 

PSHCE based lessons are carried out in all year groups throughout school allowing us to teach children about specific life skills: how to look after themselves, how to keep themselves safe, to respect others, how to lead a healthy lifestyle and how to socialise effectively with both adults and their peers.

We hope that through the teaching and recognition of these skills, we will guide children to become responsible, independent, active members of our school community and, later in life, society.