British Values

British values are of great importance in school and at Barugh Green we promote these on a regular basis in several different ways. 

Democracy (or allowing the children to have a voice) is of key importance at Barugh Green and therefore we have created a school council.  Representatives are voted for and chosen from each class to take any issues to the school council, the ultimate decision is theirs but all children in school can have their say on matters.  School council have changed many areas of school so far such as lunchtime meals and buddy systems.  As well as this, we have reward systems in our classrooms. When creating these systems, the children are brought into the decision making process meaning the rewards will be desirable to them.

Rule of law is a very important value at Barugh Green.  All children are aware of the expectations in school and of the rules and boundaries they must follow.  Assemblies are used to reinforce these rules and can be followed up by teachers in class discussions- especially when an incident involving breaking the rules arises.  Y6 also carry out a visit to Crucial Crew which teaches them about laws outside of school and what is deemed as acceptable and unacceptable behaviour ready for their high school transition.

Individual liberty is given to all pupils at Barugh Green.  Children have many decisions to make during their time in school and we endeavour to ensure the decisions made are the right ones.  Children are given many education sessions about making the correct decision to keep themselves safe such as e-safety learning and training from several different emergency services.  We also give children choices within their own learning, for example, we offer a wide range of clubs throughout one term in the year for children to participate in if they would like to broaden their skills in areas which might not currently be part of the curriculum.  We also use assemblies as a tool to reinforce these decisions.

Mutual respect is of great importance to all at Barugh Green.  Our children are taught to use manners at all times around school, from holding doors to saying please and thank you. The children are also aware of what we deem as being 'acceptable behaviour' and if this is not shown there will be consequences. All children carry out peer group activities from Reception, meaning skills such as turn taking and sharing are grasped at an early age. As well as this, children are mindful of others and will voluntarily help a member of staff or child when necessary.

Our children also show tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs as we use opportunities in school to make them aware of different creeds and cultures and about different world wide religions.  This tolerance is shown by the children in sessions such as Newsround where the children discuss key areas from the children's' news programme, often involving stories from many different countries.  Visits are also used to do this.  Assemblies are an important way to reinforce this and we have external volunteers who come in to share stories with children to broaden their understanding of religious beliefs in a fun and exciting way.