At Barugh Green Primary School, we teach life skills as part of every school day.  We hope that the teaching and recognition of these skills will guide children to become responsible, independent, active members of our school community and later in life, society.


The life skills which we are currently teaching throughout school are:

Teamwork: Turn taking, sharing, working with others, listening and responding to others, using our strengths to fit into a team and recognising the strengths of others.

Positive attitude: Responding to praise, continuing to try even if something is tricky, saying when others have done well, being proud of our achievements, and being excited about new challenges.

Effective communication: Speaking in small groups, being polite, listening carefully, sharing and explaining feelings, communicating in a variety of ways (eg speaking, writing, gestures), speaking to different audiences and maintaining their interest.

Initiative Having a go at doing things independently, asking for help when needed, making a choice between given options, preparing and clearing away for a given task, understanding that not everything will be done for us, encouraging others to use their initiative, enjoying the opportunity to take on a challenge and develop new skills.

Creativity Thinking of ideas to solve problems and different ways to do things, being creative, recognising and using simple tools, exploring different materials to try new things, using our imagination, thinking of ways of improving things, using previous learning to improve our ideas.

Making ethical decisions:  Understanding that other people have feelings, understanding what is right and what is wrong. Considering the consequences of actions, trying to help the environment, making decisions that are fair and responsible, taking and creating opportunities to make a difference.


Each of the life skills has character for Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 children to relate to.

  1. Tim and Tom the Teamwork Twins


  1. Charlie Communicate


  1. Eddie Ethical


  1. Pippa Positive


  1. Izzy Initiative


  1. Chloe Creativity