Life Skills

At Barugh Green, we believe that providing children with the skills they need to succeed in their future is of high importance.  We also believe that by reinforcing these skills throughout daily teaching enables children to become responsible, independent and active members of the school community and later in life, society.

In Key Stage 2 we continue the learning of enterprise skills through our life skills booklets.  Each week, children are given a different skill to focus on and any way in which they have demonstrated this skill is recorded.  KS2 assemblies are also carried out around the skills to allow for a deeper understanding of these.  A list and definition of the skills we cover are listed below:


Balanced- I work to make my mind and body strong while trying new things.


Carer- I know that people have feelings.  I help and take care of the world around me.


Communicator- I can express myself in many different ways.  I have 100 languages.


Inquirer- I am curious about the world around me. I am learning to ask questions.  I love to learn.


Knowledgeable- I learn about the world by exploring the things around me.


Open minded- I listen to others and respect that people are different.


Principled- I share and play well with others.  I always try to be honest and fair.


Reflective- I think about my work, my actions and my words.


Risk taker- I am confident to try new things and be in new places. I know I can succeed if I feel a bit scared. I know what I have to say is important.


Thinker- I wonder about the ways things are. I can work out different ways to solve problems. I can make good decisions.