Welcome to Year 2's Class Page

Class Teachers - Miss Broomhead & Mrs Bramall

We were inspired by Andy Goldsworthy today. We used autumn objects to create natural sculptures in the style of Goldsworthy. 

Work on our monster sculpture has begun... We'd love you to pop in on Friday to have a look.

We had a fantastic day at Yorkshire Sculpture Park. We learnt so much and can't wait to start our new topic on sculptures. Take a look at the fantastic things we saw and made.

Can you find some items at home and tell your parents what material they are made from? I wonder if you can explain what properties make them suitable for the job they have to do?

We have been outside looking at signs that the seasons are changing. We found lots ripening fruits. We couldn't resist a taste!

We have been investigating patterns in nature and what they mean. We designed our own patterns for our fish and had to explain how they would help our fish survive.

We hope you have had an amazing summer :-) We cannot wait to meet you all next week and start Year 2 :-)

If possible please remember to bring a photograph of your summer holidays to school- this could be a trip to the park or library, or a holiday you have been on or a friend's house you have visited. We are excited to hear all about the things you have done.

We are having a brilliant first week so far!


 In Year 2 we learn the following common exception words.

 We learn to spell these words in Year 2 and also learn to use them in our writing. the list of common exception words is:

there                       Thursday             what

their                        June                   who

they’re                     where                 Monday

mr                           where                 kind

mrs                         when                  Wednesday

miss                        what                   February

great                       why                    October

break                       how                    Thursday

steak                       only                    wild

sure                        behind                  great

sugar                      how                     climb

children                   Mr                       because

there                       September            could

their                        which                  would

Saturday                  door                   should

move                       what                   August

prove                       could                

improve                    hold