Welcome to Year 2's Class Page

Class Teacher - Miss Gormanly

14/10/19: Y2 Litter Pick

Today, Y2 enjoyed a lovely morning litter picking at Barugh Green Park. They did amazing! Thank you to all our helpers that joined us today - it was great to have so many of you! Here are a few pictures of our morning.

World Mental Health Day #HelloYellow!

Year 2 have had a fantastic time participating in #HelloYellow for World Mental Health Day. We have learnt lots about the importance of talking to someone whenever we feel sad or angry. We enjoyed writing kind notes to one another and sharing these on the carpet. We even got the opportunity to sing some great songs and try yoga!

As a class, we discussed what it takes to be a good friend and labelled our new class member.

Some children came to the front to show us an emotion that we had to guess.

We all had a go at showing emotion with our facial expressions and body language. Can you guess what emotions we are portraying? 

TT Rockstars Session

Today in ICT, we all managed to log onto TT Rockstars and give it a try. Please try to log onto TT Rockstars as much as possible to beat your speed! :) 

Y2 Whole Class Reading

Today, Year 2 had their first try at Whole Class Reading. We read an extract on Leopards and then answered some questions. We practiced following along with a ruler, pointing to the words and listening very carefully. Some children even had a go at reading aloud - excellent!

100 High Frequency Words

Here is a list of the top 100 high frequency words that children should know in Year 1 and 2. If you could practice these whenever you get chance, that would be great!

the         down       they        his

we          about      went        were

mum       he           very         back

get         her          house       time

and        dad          on            but

can        got            be           go

one         I              look       from

just        what        old           I'm

a            big          she          that

are         their         like        little

them       of            too         children

now       there         don't       if

to          when         is            with

up         people      some         as

do           it           come         him

came      out           by           help

said         it's          for           all

had         was         not          no

me         your          will          Mr

oh          this           day          Mrs

in           see            at             an

my         put           then           saw

you        have          into          off

looked    could         made       called

so           make        asked       her


D&T Project: Recycled Monsters!

Here are our finished monsters - we are super proud of how they've turned out!

D&T Project: Recycled Monsters!

After visiting the Sculpture Park last week, we felt inspired to make our own sculptures from recycled materials. Here are a few photos of us hard at work!

Y2 Trip to the Sculpture Park

We had a fantastic day out on our first trip together. We learnt so much about materials and how they can be used in different ways to make unique sculptures. We also had a go at making our own sculptures in groups. Take a look at some of our fantastic work!

All about Autumn!

We have been focusing on seasonal changes. We learnt all about what happens to the trees and how the leaves change colour in autumn. We had a go at painting autumnal leaves and trees. Take a look at our "Seasonal Changes" board in class to see our leaves displayed.

Y2 Material Hunt

As part of our science topic on everyday materials, we decided to go on a material hunt in the playground. Can you remember anything that we found?


During the second week of term, all pupils were tested on the 64 common exception words that children should know by the end of Year 2. All pupils will be retested again at some point in the year (date to follow).

We learn to spell these words in Year 2 and also learn how to use them in our writing. If you could practice these at home with your child that would be much appreciated! :)

The words are;

door                          every                               move

floor                          everybody                        improve

poor                          even                                sure

because                      great                               sugar

find                           steak                               eye

kind                          break                               could
mind                         pretty                               should

behind                       beautiful                           would

child                         after                                 who

children                    fast                                   whole
wild                         last                                   any

climb                        past                                  many

most                         father                               clothes

only                          class                                busy

both                         grass                                people

cold                          pass                                 water

gold                         plant                                 again

hold                         path                                 half

told                          bath                                 money

hour                       Christmas                           parents





Miss Gormanly's "Super Star" stickers.

The first child to receive one of my special stickers this year - well done!

Super Movers

In Year 2, we think it is super important to stay active and to start the day right. The children have been introduced to 'Super Movers' to get active for at least five minutes every morning and as you can see; they have been loving it! 


The Day the Crayons Quit!

During our first week together, Year 2 were introduced to a new book called "The Day the Crayons Quit!" by Drew Daywalt. They have done some excellent pieces of writing on the computers and created some amazing moving crayons in Art. Well done!


Our First Week

We have had a fantastic first week in Year 2. You have all made a great start to the new school year! Well done everyone!

I hope you have all had a lovely summer. I can't wait to meet you all next week.