At Barugh Green we recognise that PE is a unique and essential contributor to the development of the whole child.  Children are given a wide range of opportunities, including a combination of entitlement and choice, to be physically educated and physically literate which contributes to success across the whole curriculum and beyond.  Our children learn from an early age that being active  is fun and an essential part of a healthy lifestyle.  We offer a wide range of innovative physical activities including; swimming, triathlon, orienteering, Zumba, tag rugby, gymnastics, maypole dancing and Strictly Come Dancing and many more traditional sports such as hockey, rounders, cricket and football.  As a result of our high quality physical education curriculum we are one of a very small number of schools in Yorkshire and the North East to hold the afPEquality mark with distinction for PE and sport. 

Dance is a highly valued area of the PE curriculum and we recognise that it contributes to each child’s physical, artistic, linguistic, social and cultural development. We enjoy dance and see it as an intrinsically worthwhile activity and agree with Curt Sachs who describes dance as ‘an effervescent zest for life.’ It is taught in every year group and classes use either the school hall or our new purpose built dance studio for their work.

At Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 pupils build on their natural enthusiasm for movement and use it to explore and learn about the world through themes such as the seaside, machines, electricity and fairy tales.  They work individually, in pairs and begin to work together in small groups expressing and testing themselves in a variety of situations.  At Key Stage 2 children continue to enjoy being active and use their creativity and imagination in dance activities.  They learn a whole range of new skills, find out how to apply them in different ways and link longer actions and phrases of movement to create more complex compositions.  Evaluation is an important element of our dance work as the children learn to recognise success and strive to make improvements.

Our experienced PE specialist spearheads many of the quality dance opportunities that our children experience and she has attended a variety of dance courses including those held at the Northern Ballet theatre.  Our long term PE plan shows where units of dance work are taught. This is supported by medium term planning for which the QCA units are used; these show progression of skills and techniques from one year group to the next.  Teachers are able to draw upon many resources when planning in the short term including the Val Sabin scheme of work and the Top Dance and Why Dance resources. In addition to this, our PE specialist has put together a wide range of resources for each year group which supports the areas and themes taught.

A recent highlight of dance work was when we were invited to work in collaboration with our local secondary school to perform whole class dance sequences such as ‘Penguin cafe’ and ‘Thriller’ as part of their GCSE syllabus. In addition we have offered several extra-curricular clubs which are led by a combination of teachers, teaching assistants and outside agencies and have recently included: Twinkle Toes Ballet, Strictly Come Dancing, Zumba, Cheerleading, Disco Divas and Country Dancing.