Arts Awards

We encourage our pupils to participate in Arts Award which is accredited by Trinity College London. We have two members of staff who are trained to lead and manage the Award. We are currently working with over 250 pupils in gaining their ‘Discover’ Award as part of the Tour De France/Yorkshire Festival Celebrations and then we are following on with the  ‘Explore’ Award. This award provides motivation and inspiration as pupils develop their art form knowledge, creativity and experience of the art world. It facilitates personalised learning and develops independence, communication and leadership skills. It also has a positive impact on engagement and other areas of the curriculum such as literacy.


As you all know, at Barugh Green, we are very proud of our commitment to the Arts. This commitment from all staff, children and parents has resulted in us achieving Arts Mark ‘Gold’ status three consecutive times. Our efforts have not gone unnoticed as several weeks ago, we were approached by a company called Cape UK, who asked us if they could commission a film. This film sought to showcase our commitment to a broad and balanced curriculum that places the arts, culture and creativity at the heart of the pupils’ learning. Cape UK  are part of the Arts Council for England who work with a number of schools to support their teaching and learning of the arts. The aim was that our school would inspire many other schools and learning organisations to be as creative as we are! Please enjoy watching the film and I hope that you will agree that the end result is fantastic!

Miss S Hirst

(Art and Design co-ordinator)