Through drama we can explore our cultural heritage and the dimensions of a changing world. It is highly valued because it contributes significantly to our English curriculum, developing oral and literacy skills. Dramatic techniques are used to explore characters, events, feelings and emotions. It includes exploring and performing drama, working in role, cooperating and communicating effectively and studying and writing play scripts. It also includes observing, responding to and evaluating dramatic performances. We utilise a bank of activities such as hot seating, tableaux, conscience alley, storytelling through puppets/ masks, mime, movement and improvisation. We also incorporate role play areas in The Foundation stage and Key Stage 1 classrooms.

We have visited theatres such as The Alhambra Theatre in Bradford and invited travelling drama companies into school so that our pupils can experience professional productions. Our pupils perform in assemblies and we host several productions every year, incorporating drama, which are viewed by parents and the community and they are recorded so that they can be shared with a wider audience. Our extra -curricular drama club has gone from strength to strength. We have taken part in South Yorkshire Drama Festival for the past two years and received very positive feedback. Information is available in our school entrance which shows where there are opportunities to participate in the performing arts in local area to provide further inspiration.