Throughout school we use the Kodaly approach to music where our pupils can develop their musical ability through using the voice. We incorporate the 'Music Express' music scheme which involves learning about the elements of music. Our pupils are encouraged to use musical terminology for the different concepts of music and in Key Stage 2 they are expected to use this vocabulary during music sessions. Alongside this scheme, we also use  ‘Singing Express’ and incorporate songs, chants, games, rhymes, stories and warm ups which help build confident voices and happy singers!

Our music specialist encourages our pupils to use musical notation in simple form progressing onto full knowledge of standard notation by upper Key      Stage 2. Pupils are taught to listen with attention to detail and recall sounds with increasing aural memory.

We listen to, improvise and compose music for a range of purposes and we provide a range of opportunities to sing, play and perform in solo and ensemble contexts such as assemblies, productions, festivals and competitions. We are beginning to develop an understanding of the history of music from different traditions and cultures and from great composers and musicians.

We offer an array of opportunities such as participating in  ‘Sign 2 Sing’ where children learn to sing and sign different songs which then involves us being part of a  global activity raising money for Sign Health. We have a vast repertoire of songs which includes many multicultural songs and we often share these with parents and members of the wider community, engaging them in our activities.  We have great fun joining in extra-curricular clubs such as Samba and Elite Samba which is for our older more experienced pupils. Our staff and pupil choirs perform to a variety of audiences. Over the last fifteen years, we have visited Sheffield Arenato participate in the Young Voices event and several of our pupils are in the Barnsley Youth Choir. Through team teaching with our music specialist, our pupils and staff learn to play the recorder, ukulele, guitar and Boomwhackers and new this year we have introduced 'Bamboo Tamboo' which Year 4 explore in connection with their boomwhacker experience. We also explore a wide range of percussion instruments from around the world. We offer tuition in woodwind, brass and stringed instruments through peripatetic teachers from our local music hub. Amidst the enthusiasm, enjoyment and excitement of creativity, our pupils use their voices and play musical instruments with increasing accuracy, fluency, control and expression.