Other Art Forms

The Arts can be explored and celebrated through the whole curriculum. Such areas include digital media and creative writing and poetry. We have a range of computer software such as Purple Mash, Kartouche, 2Simple art programmes (eg 2Paint), iMovie and Espresso which allow our pupils to be creative. Pupils use digital cameras and camcorders around school and on residential visits. Working alongside our ICT leader and ICT technician, we also engage digital media specialist from secondary schools who deliver elements such as computer programming (eg Comic Life, Garage Band) and game making (eg Scratch, Kodu, 2 animate, Sketch Nation). We have worked with Horizon Learning Academy to podcast on their radio station and worked with The Wakefield Wildcats Rugby Team to carry out iPad art. Extra-curricular clubs have included ‘Digital Media Leaders’ and ‘Code Club’ and we are currently entering the Manchester Animation Competition and the Barnsley BOSCAS to showcase our pupils’ skills.