Geography encourages children to observe, investigate and take an interest in their immediate surroundings with a view to developing a critical awareness of the wider environment. Through subject-focused units we encourage learning by exploiting children's natural curiosity about the world we live in.

We are fortunate in Barugh Green to be situated in an environment of great variety. Visits and walks can give children firsthand experience of this variety and of some of the factors responsible for it. For example, climate and weather can both shape our environment and have a significant influence on people and their lives.

The residential programme in Key Stage 2 gives the children the opportunity to study different environments a little further afield. This will enable children to develop an appreciation of some of the differences between their local environment and a different locality.

Children develop a range of geographical skills and vocabulary through the use of maps, globes, photographs and ICT programs. There are many opportunities for cross curricular approaches especially using ICT to interpret data and organise information.

Using and developing non-fiction texts links closely with their work in Literacy.

Geography units covered are;

Key stage 1

* Around our school, where in the world is Barnaby Bear, an island home, going to the seaside and how can we make our local area safer.

Key Stage 2

* Weather, what's in the news, the local area, a village in India, village settlers, the mountain environment, water, rivers, and passport to the world.



Watch this space, exciting new Geography links coming soon!...