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The end of any school year usually means saying goodbye to members of staff, 2017 is no exception.

Holly Wainwright completes her one year contract working with Miss Hirst in Year 3 to embark on a Schools Direct course to become a qualified teacher.

Miss Mckenna leaves for pastures new as she relocates after four years at our school, in that time she has developed into an outstanding practitioner and will be missed.

Mrs Hardy retires after 23 years as the deputy head, It has been an immense pleasure for us all to work alongside her. She has been so much a major part of our school’s success and we wish her all the best in her retirement - she will be greatly missed.

The summer also means weddings, and we have two. This weekend Miss Battye becomes Mrs Fisher and in August Miss Lewis becomes Mrs Gordon. We all wish them both a happy wedding day and marriage.

A couple of name changes to make you aware of, Mrs Beevers will become Miss Hall and Mrs McCarron will become Miss Green.

Our two new teachers are Miss Turner and Miss Oliver. 



We have received the following email from Teamactiv:


I and Ian just wanted to email and say how much we appreciate the support from you with the leaders over this academic year. 

We really feel it gives children that maybe are not as confident in their sports ability to lead and feel part of the team. 

Being a leader is one of the most important roles within the competitions as it needs patience, respect and manners which all your children show throughout all the events they help at. 

Without the leaders, we would not be able to run the events and I feel sometimes some schools forget this. The leaders for me are key and it helps grow confidence and ability. 

The praise from teachers regarding leaders over this year has been fabulous, with comments from Gordon Calvert of High View saying that these leaders were the best standard he has seen and explained and ran their activities with pure confidence. The older leaders from college and secondary school need to take lessons from these students. Vicky Goulding stating that it was a pleasure and a real joy to have such polite, well mannered and great young people getting involved. 

Thank you so much and please pass on our biggest praise and thank you. 


Clare Kaye

Competition Manager & School Games Organiser (Outwood Shafton)

12 July 2017

Thank you for your help towards the Summer Fayre on Saturday.  We raised a total of £2,411.95 for school funds, the best ever!

July 2017

Team Activ Awards 2017


Good Work Assembly

Every week Barugh Green Primary holds a "Good Work Assembly" to showcase the pupils' achievements.

This week's achievers were nominated for the the following reasons


Representing ALL of FS2 for a fantastic first week at school.

Year 1 (BT)

Always trying hard in every lesson and making an amazing dream jar for Roald Dahl Day. 

Year 1 (JD)

Super writing. 

Year 2 (MH)

For super Gruffalo ICT work. 

Year 2 (LB/GB)

Super literacy work. 

Year 3 (SH)

For writing fantastic character descriptions using brilliant adjectives. 

Year 3 (EW/HJ)

For trying his best with everything, especially maths. 

Year 4 (GC)

Super effort in all areas of the curriculum. 

Year 4 (JB/CC)

Keeping trying and working really hard.

Year 5 

For excellent work in science, looking at pollination. 

Year 6  

Always trying his hardest.

Trying really hard with her reading.