About School

The school building was erected in the early 1970’s and originally comprised of 8 classrooms, a multi-purpose hall and kitchen, 2 library areas, a resource room, 2 hard paved play areas and large playing field. Due to increasing numbers we have had many additions to the school building, to include a mobile classroom, 3 extra classrooms, 25 station computer suite, extended reception classroom, dance studio, special needs room and an extension to the rear playground. 

The whole site is attractive and well maintained. There are 2 enclosed garden areas, one for the use of reception children and the second used by the gardening club.

Children are encouraged to care for the environment of the school by keeping it litter free and caring for the trees, flowers and shrubs which help make it attractive. 


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335 pupils will be on roll during the 2018/2019 school year.  Each child is the particular responsibility of one class teacher.  Most of the curriculum is taught by this class teacher, who is also the usual contact for parents. Generally the children are organised into classes depending on their age. If the need arises to split children of the same school year group this will also be done according to age. Any decisions made are at the discretion of the Headteacher.

The needs of children of different abilities and interests are met by the careful planning of a range of tasks and activities.