ICT includes many ways of communicating information through text, data, pictures and sound. It involves familiarity with computers, TV, video, DVD and CD players, the internet, telephones, tape recorders, scanners, digital cameras, video recorders, interactive whiteboards, visualisers, photo copiers and programmable toys.

The children are encouraged to use the software and computers freely, working independently or in small groups with an adult. All children have their own E-mail address which they will be able to access throughout their schooling in Barnsley.

Throughout their time at Barugh Green children will cover the following areas in ICT; word processing, finding and using information, databases, using spreadsheets, using art programmes and packages, control and data logging, being creative, computer programming, pod casting, PowerPoint presentations, presenting information using multimedia presentations, using digital cameras and video cameras and animation.

The software, online educational content and word-processing facilities enables children to use computers and other ICT equipment in all areas of the curriculum to enhance their learning experience. We also encourage continued working at home through online programmes e.g. Purple Mash. The variety of programmes and on line content will suit all children whatever their level of development ability, or rate of progress.

We encourage parents to improve their ICT skills by offering opportunities to attend computer classes and other courses linked to using the ICT equipment.

The school regularly assess new products and ICT ideas in order to keep up to date with the rapidly changing world of ICT and technology. We aim to equip our children with the wealth of skills needed in the 21st century.