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Barugh Green Primary School



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Latest News

COVID 19 Coronavirus - Friday, 22nd May 2020

We have just issued a Briefing for Parents and Carers via the app and on our website.  You can access this here.  Unfortunately, despite our ongoing work to make our phased return possible, we have taken the decision to delay until 08th June 2020.  This has not been an easy decision for us to make and we hope that, after reading our Briefing, parents and carers will understand our position.  We will continue to provide places for key worker children, as we have been doing, from Monday, 01st June 2020, but we will not begin our phased reopening for children in Reception, Year One and Year Six until 08th June 2020 at the earliest.

We will be closed to all children next week, beginning Monday 25th May 2020 for half term week and we have provided some home learning resources for children here

We know that our delay to phased reopening will be frustrating and upsetting for many of you and hope that you can appreciate and understand the position we are in.  We will provide as much information as we can, as quickly as we can in the week beginning 01st June 2020 about when we will be able to begin our phased reopening.

In the meantime, we thank all our parents, carers and children for their ongoing support of the school in this challenging period and hope you all are able to enjoy a break next week.


COVID 19 Coronavirus - Monday, 18th May 2020

Further to our Briefing for Parents and Carers, which we published on Friday, 15th May, we want to provide an outline of how we will proceed this week with further updates.  We have taken steps to plan details of how we will make provision for children in Reception, Year One and Year Six, alongside any child outside of these year groups who has key worker parents (these are the children who have been able to attend during the closure period already).  The process of planning for this re-opening is extremely complex and involves significant behind the scenes work.  Fulfilling Government Guidance means splitting children into groups of 15 or fewer.  The total number of children who will be entitled to return on June 01st is over 200.  This means we need around 15 separate groups.  Each group needs an allocated room that is suitable for working in all day, alongside a suitable adult to lead the group.  We have a number of staff who are vulnerable and, although they will be supporting the work we do in school by working from home, they cannot be in school to lead a group.  We have had to remodel lunchtimes, breaktimes, arrival and departure times.  We need to ensure that we have the right, qualified people on site for first aid and safeguarding.  The school needs to be regularly cleaned and maintained so that it is safe.  All this needs to be achieved alongside the normal business of the school at this very busy time of year.  We want our parents and carers to fully understand the scale of the job we are undertaking.  We believe that we will be able to fulfil the Government's Guidance but planning for this, then making it happen takes time and massive effort. We appreciate you will want information quickly and we assure you that we will provide this as soon as we are able to.  

We will provide a further update no later than this Friday, 22nd May.  In this update we will confirm which group your child has been placed in, which room they will use, which adult will lead their group alongside all further details of how lunch, break, arrival and departure times will be managed and we will aim to provide some information about how we will manage handwashing and hygiene arrangements so that our parents and carers have the fullest possible picture.

We want to inform you at this point that Barugh Green will be closed to all pupils on Monday, 01st June so that final preparations can be made.  We have tasks that cannot be completed before this date and we need this day in school without pupils so that our phased return can be properly ready and safe for everyone.  It is also likely that once we begin the phased re-opening, we will be able to provide a service for eligible children on each day of the week apart from Fridays.  This is so that school can be thoroughly cleaned and staff can have time to complete their planning and preparation for the next week as this cannot be completed during the week when children are in school because covering teachers to do this would mean placing a further adult in a group - this increases risks and we also do not have sufficient staff to do this safely at present.  We will confirm this arrangement in our update at the end of the week but want to give parents and carers as much notice as possible.

We also want to remind all parents that school is closed to all pupils for the half term break - week beginning Monday 25th May - we informed parents about this last week but want to remind everyone.

As we said last week, we fully appreciate and understand that parents and carers are anxious and concerned to know details about our phased return, however, we would ask that you wait until final details have been confirmed later in the week before contacting school with specific questions.


COVID 19 Coronavirus - Friday, 15th May 2020

This week, leaders have met with the Chair of Governors and the wider staff to develop and progress our plans for the phased reopening of school for Reception, Year One and Year Six from 01st June 2020.  We will publish details of these plans to our parents and carers via the app and on this website later today.  We will tweet once we have issued this guidance.  We are able to provide some level of detail to parents and carers today, but we will confirm further details next week.  

The phased reopening does not begin until 01st June.  For next week - beginning 18th May, our current arrangements remain in place - only the children of eligible key workers should attend school.  Please do keep to this guidance.  Next week is a crucial time for us in preparing for reopening on 01st June and we need time to make physical changes to the building and classrooms so only use your place if you are eligible and have no other option.  

School will be closed for half term week (beginning Monday, 25th May) to all children.  We will provide some home learning on the website, as usual, for half term week.  We have updated our home learning section for next week and you can download resources here.

As we begin the reopening phase, and we see the early signs of recovery, we would like to thank each of our stakeholders and children for their commitment during what has been an unprecedented time.  Some of our school community have been much more adversely affected by this crisis than others and while it would be inappropriate to name individuals, we want to extend our hand of support and friendship at this time and express that you are in our thoughts as we all work to continue our recovery from this most challenging period in our shared history.


COVID 19 Coronavirus - Monday, 11th May 2020

Following the Prime Minister's announcement on potential phased reopening of schools, we want to provide further information.  Schools have not yet received details of how the DfE would like us to proceed with reopening of schools.  Headteachers expect to receive this information within the next 48 hours.  Until we receive this, we do not know anything more than the Prime Minister explained in his briefing yesterday - the same information you have.  We completely appreciate that this process takes time and we ask for your continued patience.  It will take us some time to work through the details and implications of any Government guidance for our setting.  We will need to consider timetabling, staffing, physical facilities, such as toilets, handwashing etc.  We don't know whether or not the Government will require schools to exercise social distancing when children begin to return - if this is the case, this will be challenging for us to work through.  We have a number of staff with underlying conditions who are not able to be at work at present and this will be a challenge for us to overcome in the event of reopening of any kind.  We also need clarity on what will be required in terms of provision for the returning children.  We understand that 01 June is very much a provisional date based upon the Government's Five Tests.

We will, as soon as we are able to, provide a full briefing on how we can begin a phased return of pupils, but this will take some time for us to work through and we will not release information until we have the fullest picture so that we can provide certainty for all stakeholders - parents, children, carers and staff.  Schools are complex organisations and we need time to make sure we get any phased return right.  We fully support the return of pupils as soon as it is safe to do this, but in the meantime, nothing has changed - only the children of eligible key workers are entitled to a school place and this should only be taken if parents / carers have no other option for childcare.

We appreciate your ongoing support and understanding and ask that parents and carers do not contact school to ask about reopening until we have released our full update, which we anticipate will be late this week / early next week.  We do not have information about half term opening at this time - we will also provide an update on this as soon as we are able to.

We have published updated Home Working resources for Week 8 and these can be downloaded here.


COVID 19 Coronavirus - Friday, 01st May 2020

Most children should have received a call from their teacher this week - if you haven't had your call - don't worry - this should happen next week.  We have focused on calling children who have not been in school recently.  teachers may be calling from home so, please do answer to withheld numbers!  We have asked teachers to inform school leaders where they have been unable to make contact and we will follow this up, so please try to answer if at all possible!

We have just updated our Home Working resources for next week.  We have included 4 days of tasks for next week as next Friday, 08th May is a Bank Holiday.  You can download next week's resources here.  

School will be closed to all children next Friday, 08th May for the Bank Holiday. 

We will be publishing Adobe Spark Pages for each class next week with further resources and tasks outside of English and Maths - these are ideas to support further learning at home.  

Please keep up with our latest information via our Twitter feed here

As ever, our thanks to parents and carers for only using your school place as a last resort.  We are encouraged by recent updates from HM Government about the impact of social distancing measures and encourage all our stakeholders to continue to support the national effort in beating the pandemic.  We have no guidance on the expected date of school reopening.  We expect that any reopening will be phased, but we have no further information about this at this stage.  We are in touch with local networks and are participating in the planning for any reopening, but we don't have further information about this at this point - please don't contact school to ask about reopening. We will share information and provide as much notice as possible to all parents as soon as we can.  We really appreciate your understanding as we work through this!


COVID 19 Coronavirus - Friday, 24th April 2020

Class Teachers are working their way through calling each member of their class who have been learning at home over the next couple of weeks - if you haven't received a call yet, then you can expect this next week!  It has been great for teachers to catch up with all our learners so far and we are loving seeing your home learning on Twitter too!  Thank you for sharing this.

Our thanks to our parent and carer community - we know that having children home all day, every day can be tough - please don't put yourselves under any pressure to deliver home learning - take it steady and fit in what you can, when you can.  The BBC Bitesize Home Learning package is now available - we tweeted about this earlier in the week - you can find this here. These daily lessons are fantastic and children should be able to work through these mostly independently.  Some of you have asked about work being set beyond English and Maths.  We have no plans to send further work beyond the core subjects home and we would encourage parents to use resources such as the BBC Daily Lessons and the other web links we have already published.  Don't forget that time spent in the garden if you are able, and out walking at a safe distance is valuable learning time too - home learning doesn't have to be formal lessons!  There are lots of ideas for baking, home-crafts and other physical activities online!  We will try and signpost to whatever we can, as we have already done, so keep an eye on Twitter and on our website!  If you have any specific learning questions - please feel free to email class teachers via the school 'info' inbox and we will forward this on as appropriate!  

Thank you, as ever, for keeping children away from school as much as possible - we can see from the Government's daily briefings, that social distancing is working, so please, please keep your children at home and only use your eligible school place as a last resort!

Our Home Working page is now up to date with next week's resources - download them here.  These resources are now in PDF form in order to address formatting issues that some parents let us know about!


COVID 19 Coronavirus - Friday, 17th April 2020

As the Easter break draws to a close, we hope all our families have enjoyed some time together in the sunshine! Next week, we continue to be open for children of eligible key worker parents and, as previously, please only send your child to school if you have no other option.  Thank you to our families for only using school as a last resort - this is having a massive positive impact on the fight against the virus and in keeping everyone as safe as possible.

We have now updated our home working resources for the week ahead - please download them here, along with a brilliant Home Learning Tips resource that Miss Broomhead has put together!

From next week, all children who attend school must bring a packed lunch with them - we are no longer able to provide school meals.

All eligible families should have now received free school meals supermarket vouchers either by email or through the post - if you have not received yours, please do get in touch next week.  This is for families who normally claim for free school meals and does not apply to universal infant free school meals.

Wishing you all a happy weekend - we'll publish our next update here on Friday, 24th April.


COVID 19 Coronavirus - Friday, 03rd April 2020

We have just updated our Home Working resources - you can find them here. We have combined the resources for the next two weeks, so this won't be updated again until Friday, 17th April.  We have contacted eligible parents with details of Easter opening for those eligible only.  We will be open from 8:45 - 3:20 over the Easter break for the children of critical workers only and the same principle applies - please only send your child if you have no other option.  There will be no school meals service during the Easter period so all children will require a packed lunch if attending and school will be completely closed to all children on Good Friday and Easter Monday.

BG is now using the national voucher scheme for Free School Meals for the remainder of the closure period.  We have contacted eligible parents either by email or by post if we don't have your email address.  Eligible parents will receive vouchers for use in supermarkets to purchase food.  This replaces the pick-up packed lunch system we have been operating.  

Thank you to all of our families for your ongoing support - we hope you are all well in the current circumstances and are looking forward to the Easter period.

Our next update will be published here on Friday, 17th April.


COVID 19 Coronavirus - Friday, 27th March 2020

At the end of our first week of school closure, thank you to parents and carers for following national guidance and keeping children at home wherever possible.  Staff have worked really hard to maintain quality provision for the children of parents who have needed us this week.  This will continue next week.  Please only send your child into school if you are eligible to do so and have no other option.

Eligible parents will receive information next week about how we will cover the Easter Break - we will be open except for Good Friday and Easter Monday for eligible children only.  Complete information will be provided early next week - please don't call school to enquire about this unless you have a query once we have sent out the information.

We have updated the Curriculum section of the website today with home working resources for all children for next week - please click here to access these.   It has been fantastic to see photos of our children busy at home - please keep these coming!

Wishing you all a restful weekend.  


COVID 19 Coronavirus - Friday, 20th March 2020

In line with Government guidance issued very late yesterday evening, we have now identified which children are eligible to continue to attend from Monday, 23rd March 2020.  We will send an email to all eligible parents later today - please read this carefully.  We will be sending a printed letter with a form to complete home tonight with all eligible children.  Please make sure you access this letter as it contains instructions for Monday and there is a form for you to fill in.  Staff will be on the yard to meet children on Monday, 23rd March 2020.  Please do not attend after today unless you have been contacted by us to inform you that you are eligible.  We have followed Government guidance very closely to ensure we offer places appropriately.  If you have been offered a place, please only use it when necessary - this means that on days when your child can be cared for at home, they should be.

Please do bear in mind that the purpose of the closure is to minimise further social contact and to support the national effort to combat the COVID19 Coronavirus.  Parents who are not eligible to send children to school should not attempt to do so - this puts others at unnecessary risk. Parents who are eligible for a place should only send their child when this is absolutely necessary - if a child can be cared for at home, they must not come into school, even if they are eligible to do so.

We have now published online work resources for all children and they can be downloaded here.

After today, we will provide a weekly update and this will be published on the school website and Twitter.  

We have also contacted parents of children who claim Free School Meals to inform them of how they can collect daily meals for their children.

Once again, thank you to all our parents and carers for your understanding and support.


COVID 19 Coronavirus - Thursday, 19th March 2020 FURTHER UPDATE

At this point, HM Government has not released details on which occupations are considered 'key workers'.  Local information suggests this will be released late this afternoon / evening.  This means that we will not be able to confirm which children will be eligible to attend after Friday today as we had hoped to.  We apologise for this delay, that is beyond our control.  We expect that we will be able to confirm which children are eligible to attend school after Friday tomorrow.  We will do this by direct email to parents tomorrow.  If you don't receive a direct email informing you that your child is eligi

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